It fuels our cars, heats our homes, and cooks our food. It is the lifeblood of world trade and economics, and everyday our dependence on this precious commodity grows. It is estimated that we use approximately four times the amount of energy our great grandparents used. Never before has the world’s growing population demanded more from Earth’s natural resources, and never before has there been such a demand for reliable, clean, and efficient energy. Vinland Energy is rising to meet this demand.

Based in London, Kentucky, Vinland Energy is one of the largest independent producers of oil and natural gas in Kentucky. Vinland Energy has always set itself apart from other energy productions companies through its aggressive planning and strategic growth. Vinland Energy is interested in the long term growth of the company and the longevity of it. That’s why Vinland continues to invest back into that.

"Short term means nothing to us, because in the business, there is no such thing as 'short term.’ The life of the wells is at least forty years, so how can you not be in for the long haul?"

Vinland Energy is committed to staying ahead of the competition. With its unique and rapid growth philosophy, Vinland Energy takes advantage of every opportunity, large or small, to increase productivity and profitability.

"We make our profits by putting gas into the pipeline and that’s what drilling allows you to do. "It’s hard to argue with success, and Vinland Energy’s drilling program has been quite successful to this point."

Expansion governs the activity at Vinland Energy as continued drilling for natural gas never stops. This is just one of the ways that Vinland Energy is fueling the future.

"We are not stepping out in the areas that are unknown. All we are doing is extending our field. We are going after the zones that are already there. Vinland Energy has been able to add to those reserves on a 'fast train’ type basis. We’ve always had the philosophy of replacing our reserves faster than what’s being depleted."

As a privately held company, Vinland Energy has maintained the freedom to quickly implement decisions both in the marketplace, and in the field. Vinland Energy is committed to its unique corporate infrastructure. Decisions are streamlined, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

"The company’s exceptional record of finding natural gas is the result of years of experience, combined with the latest technological advance not only does Vinland Energy drill new wells we produce natural gas from previously abandoned wells, and extends the average life of existing wells. The company’s growth strategy is basically to purchase existing reserves with the potential for drilling additional wells in addition to discovering new reserves."

The team at Vinland Energy understands the latest technology should never be used at the expense of the environment. They are committed to protecting and preserving the environment in which they work.

In a world ravaged by harmful pollutants, natural gas represents a practical solution for abundant, clean energy. Vinland Energy is prepared to fuel the future as the consumption of natural gas continues to increase more than petroleum, coal, nuclear, and renewable energy.

"The supply and demand for natural gas is increasing. We want to be in a position to supply this clean air gas by aggressively growing and establishing our position in the market to supply this clean air gas."

Today’s natural gas market is poised for unlimited expansion due to a continual increase in consumer demand. Vinland Energy is preparing to meet the needs of the future by seizing the opportunities of today. Vinland Energy is fueling the future.