Leasing Opportunities with Vinland Energy

Vinland Energy, LLC is continually seeking and evaluating oil and gas lease opportunities. A gas and oil lease is a legally binding contract which provides Vinland Energy, LLC with the right to extract and produce a mineral owner's oil or natural gas. Please note that owning the surface of a property does not always mean you have ownership of the minerals associated with the property. In some cases, the land and mineral interests have been severed. An original owner may have sold the mineral rights but retained the surface rights of a property. Title and deed searches can correctly determine who owns the mineral rights of a property and who owns the surface rights. Vinland Energy, LLC will procure title work on a property to assure ownership before drilling a well.

Upon signing an oil and gas lease, owners typically receive an initial bonus payment per acre leased. When a producing well is completed, owners will also receive recurring royalty payments based on a percentage of the well's production. Once a well begins producing, the lease is usually in effect as long as there is a well capable of gas and/or oil production on the leased propety.

Land Issues

If you are a current land owner or border and existing leased property and you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Vinland Energy, LLC's Land Manager at (859) 264-9544 [EXT 124].