Well Production and Maintenance

Vinland Energy, LLC strives to maintain our wells and follow all regulator compliances set forth by the state.

The oil and gas extraction industry can be classified into four major processes:


Exploration involves the search for rock formations associated with oil or natural gas deposits and involves geo physical prospecting and/or exploratory drilling.

Well Development

Well development occurs after exploration has located an economically recoverable field, and involves the construction of one or more wells from the beginning called "spudding" to either abandonment if no hydrocarbons are found or to well completion if hydrocarbons are found in sufficient quantities.


Production is the process of extracting the hydrocarbons and separating the mixture of liquid hydrocarbons, gas, water and solids, removing the constituents that are non-saleable, and selling the liquid hydrocarbons and gas. Oil is nearly always processed at a refinery: natural gas may be processed to remove impurities either in the field or at a natural gas processing plant.

Site Abandonment

Site abandonment involves plugging the well(s) and restoring the site when a recently drilled well lacks the potential to produce economic quantities of oil or gas or when a production well is no longer economically viable.

If you have questions regarding your well production or regarding access roads/easement maintenance, please call (859) 264-9544 [EXT 121].